Veepro Holland

Veepro Holland is part of the branche organisation Livestock&Logistics Netherlands (V&L N) which is chaired by Helma Lodders.

Helma Lodders

Chairman of V&L N

Former member of House of Representatives for the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, spokesperson agriculture and tax and taxation.

Lianne van Dongen

Veterinary director DVM

Experienced PHD with a demonstrated history of working in the veterinary industry. Skilled in Veterinary medicine and animal welfare. Contactperson with the Dutch Ministery of Agriculture and Veterinary authorities (NVWA).

Veepro Holland committee

IJsbrand Spoor


Johan van der Heiden


Jan de Vries

Committee member

Dirk Govers

Committee member

Willem Jansma

Committee member

Freddie Visser

Committee member

Henk van Dommelen

Committee member

Rick Oldeman

Committee member