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Veepro Holland is the Information Center for Dutch breeding cattle and small ruminants.

The Netherlands has quite a history where livestock is concerned. It is not a coincidence that the world-famous Dutch Holstein Friesian cows have their origin in the Netherlands. In the areas of research, innovation, health and expertise, the Dutch dairy sector is also leading. So you not only buy the top genetics from the Netherlands, our know-how and our custom-related services also ensure that the livestock, whether it may be cattle of small ruminants, embryos and semen in which you have invested, can come to full bloom. The Netherlands is also leading in livestock export, ensuring that when importing live animals, may it be sheep, goats or cattle, they will experience a safe and healthy export. Veepro Holland works alongside the government to ensure that by 2030 the SDG goals are met, thus by working with Veepro Holland the entire world benefits from circular agriculture, creating less waste and more efficiency. For more information read our brochure.
Our main goal is to support the export of Dutch livestock and genetics all over the world. To accomplish this we offer various forms of service.

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Veepro Holland strives to enhance and support the dairy sector worldwide. Therefore, we offer advice and assistance specific to your personal requirements.

Making contact with exporters and traders of dairy cattle and small ruminant, semen and embryos.

Offer our knowledge with respect to legislation and regulations, veterinary matters, and transport before, after and during the process of export and much more.

Offer a network of successful companies in the Dutch dairy sector.

Facilitate and enhance the export of Dutch cattle and small ruminants genetics.

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Roodbontfokkers van het jaar: familie Albring De familie Albring uit Drouwenermond is verkozen tot roodbontfokker

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